Your internet project must yield?

IT Dude is an “internet marketing agency” with 10 years of experience in making open source updatable websites and web shops, e-mailings, social media, guidance … and provides the necessary measurable tools to attract as many visitors to your site that lead to conversion. This means more visitors, more inquiries, more sales …

The IT Dude team has 10 permanent experts for strategy concept, marketing, design & development that think constantly about your message or your online/offline campaign.

Choose your communication moment (no matter how small) and go wide. We think as much as possible in channels and target groups. Expand your message and SPREAD THE WORD!

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Special services

Identifying and executing your successful online/offline business: IT’s what we do.


A modern mobile-friendly website, the proper communication and a to the point online strategy will attract new customers.

Webshops (e-commerce)

Make your e-commerce a success story. IT Dude develops profitable web shops in the most modern technologies: open source – Magento, PrestaShop and WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want to be found on Google? The solution is strategy and relevance.

Useful tip: never activate SEA before your SEO strategy is known.

Advertising on Google or SEA

Ads on Google, it seems easy, but don’t forget: you pay per click.
The trick is to create more and better qualified traffic to your website, combined with Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a form of internet marketing, paid positioning of a website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram,… make connection and build a relationship with your customer or prospect. The motto is: they become ambassadors… Do you have ambassadors?


Personalized promotions, product mailings, invitations …. Before sending mailings, an online strategy is also important for your business.


IT Dude is an internet consultant with a hands-on approach. We provide personal support and the necessary internet expertise.

Our other online services

Increase your online sales / Online marketing plan / Link building / Web copywriting / Online video editing & Drone recordings / Advertising on Social Media / CRM / Your CRM plan / Quick scan & analysis of your web shop or website


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